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I identify my style as "go comfortable" whenever you can. What I mean is that I love wearing flats and sneakers, I am really not a big fan of high heel shoes. I briefly changed my mind when I tied this plaid shirt around my waist with a white tee and black leather skirt. I instantly knew there was nothing better than a pair of high heels for this outfit. I paired my top and skirt with a pair of ankle heel boots, which are great for the fall, but could easily be switched out for a pair of sandals in warmer weather.

This outfit was very lucky to be featured on Forever 21's blog.

Tom Ford sunglasses, H&M leather skirt, Forever 21 Purse&bracelets&necklace, Boyfriend's plaid shirt, Diva Lounge boots

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I love pairing long sleeve sweaters with shorts on a warmer day in the fall or a cooler day during the summer. I created more layers for this outfit by adding a black and white shirt underneath the sweater. This is the last outfit that I wore before I restyled the blue sweater into this jeweled sweater.

Forever 21 Sweater&bag, H&M shirt&shorts, Adidas sneaker, DKNY watch, Bianco sunglasses

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Hello everyone, it is wish list day! I've been craving a varsity jacket badly for a while. I have never really been a big fan of varsity jacket like this before. Because they usually have a masculine feeling. But recently I realized it all depends on what you wear with it! Pair it with something feminine like leather skirt, body-con dresses, crop tops, shorts or match it with patterns like floral, plaid, strips. You can simply get casual but polished look with it! Here are some varsity jackets I've been loving, which one is your favorite?

1. Topshop Jersey Varsity a Bomber Jacket, $70

2. H&M Baseball Jacket, $49.95

3. True Religion Richie Varsity Jacket, $497

4. Urban Outfitters Shades Of Grey By Micah Cohen The Outfield Varsity Jacket, $248

5. Forever 21 Faux Leather Varsity Jacket, $24.8

6. Wood Wood George Street Varsity Jacket in Leather , $434.56

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Good morning! Here are the pictures from Manchester, Vermont from this past weekend. It was a cloudy day and a little bit cold, but the layers really kept me warm. That's the best thing about the fall: using colors, patterns, and layers! So many possibilities! I like to keep my outfit to under three colors. For this outfit I used white, blue, and pink. Hope everyone is having a great beginning to the week!

47 Brand cap, ZARA blazer, Forever 21 sweater&bag, H&M jeans, Converse sneakers,
 Tiffany ring, Bianco sunglasses