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Are you gift wrapping at the last minute? I always wrap my gifts the day before I plan to give the gifts to someone.
I've been using gift bags or boxes in the past few years. Recently I've been obsessed with simple, rustic, and vintage styled gift wrapping ideas. I've been collecting interesting designs on my Pinterst board for a while. In all of them, the wrapping papers have been made from brown craft paper, which has all the feelings that I want express with my own gift wrap! Here are some my favorites, they are either DIY or just inspiration images which I've marked below. The last two have a free printable download gift tag which surprised me when I saw them, they are so cute! If you are also a last minute gift wrapper, I hope this post will help you, tell me which one is your favorite!

DIY (1-3): Odessa May SocietyCambiando StradaAprons and Camera Straps
Image (4-6): 30's MagazineSchoolhouse Electric & SupplyArtifact Uprising blog
Gift tag download (7-8): Decorator's Notebook holiday gift tags 1, Decorator's Notebook holiday gift tags 2

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