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Are you struggling to find something to wear for your upcoming holiday parties? Me too! Instead of purchasing a new blinging outfit, I think a standout necklace will be the best statement for you, especially if you want to change your outfit styles quickly from day to night.
A simple outfit and a brand new necklace are perfect! So I decided to use a few of my leftover Forever 21 gift card prizes from the Instagram competition for a new piece of jewelry to wear with a simple black dress. I was so surprised when I visited the necklace section and I was struggling to make a choice again. There are were so many necklaces for me to choose from. The color and designs are so beautiful and the price is just in my budget! Here are some of my favorites, I think they will also make a great gift for your friends, which one is your favorite?

1. Jigsaw Bib Necklace, $12.80 
2. Luxe Bib Necklace, $12.80 
3. Gemstone Bib Necklace, $14.80  
4. Heirloom Bib Necklace, $12.80
5. Sweet Talk Bib Necklace, $10.80
6. Colorblocked Snake Chain Necklace, $12.80
7. Opulent Layered Bib Necklace, $12.80
8. Vibrant Faux Gemstone Bib Necklace, $10.80

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  1. I love statement necklaces for the holidays! Nice picks!

    You got a nice blog!
    Would you like to follow eachother?
    Please let me know ;-)


    1. Thanks for visiting my blog! Of course we can follow each other! :) Just visited your blog and followed you on GFC and Bloglovin!