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I've loved to make things ever since I was a little girl. I think I've learned a lot of great sewing skills just from making dresses for my dolls. When I first heard the word "DIY" long ago, I thought it meant just doing something creative for fun. But nowadays, DIY has become a much bigger, more complicated, and business driven word. There are a lot of interesting blog posts and videos that teach people how to do almost everything at home. As an industrial design student, I used a lot of shop power tools (including a table saw) at school to design products and make prototypes.
I know how hard it is for people to have a table saw of their own, but for most soft goods, I feel like I can design and create almost everything right from home. At the present time, a sewing machine has become my new "table saw". I can't describe how much I love this tool! Here are some of my favorite handmade creations from the blogs that I enjoy and I want to share them with my readers. Each blog has a ton of awesome DIY projects, check them out in the links below. Which one would you want to try for your own DIY projects?

1. Leather Notebook (designoform.com)

2. Free Printable DIY Calendar (blog.heylook.fi)

3. Quote Tote&Clutch (ispydiy.com)

4. Leather Mustache Necklace (bywilma.com)

5. ‘Nautical’ Rope Coasters (highwallsblog.com)

6. Fabric Covered Flower Pots (highwallsblog.com)

7. Leather Laptop Case (ohhappyday.com)

8. Minimal Leather Stool (design-milk.com)

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