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+Urban Outfitters  hat, +H&M sweater and jeans, Canvas June mittens, +Forever 21 sunglasses

After a week of not so cold weather, the temperature is dropping again where I live in the upstate New York. I aways hear parents asking children to put on hats, scarfs, and gloves before they go out.
I've been wearing a lot of beanies recently, especially my +H&M black beanie (see this post and this post). Beanies help complete an outfit, keep you warm, and are great for a bad hair day. Sometimes I wear this felted wool floppy hat as an alternative choice. It is also warm, stylish, and great for a sunny day in the winter. Ever since I started designing wool mittens, I haven't had to worry about my hands getting cold and I always have the perfect pair for my different outfits, it is so fun!

Recently I've been overwhelmed with my school, work, and life. I have a huge thesis paper that I need to complete soon, so my blog posts will slow down for a little bit, I'll be posting every other day. I hope I can finish my paper ASAP, then I can go back to my normal schedule. Wish me luck guys!

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